usage example:
    <embed src=";min=975;max=1010;trend=6.0;caption=luchtdruk" width="220" height="640" wmode="transparent">
valuevalue=10100baro pressure in mb or hPawhen not specified (default): a mercury column of 0
deltadelta=-20delta on baro pressuree.g. to compensate for sealevel
minmin=1000nothingminimum baro pressurewhen not specified: minimum is not shown
maxmax=1020nothingmaximum baro pressurewhen not specified: maximum is not shown
trendtrend=-5nothingtrend in baro pressureshows a small line indicating the trend value w.r.t. current value
captioncaption=baropressnothingtitle, shown below barometer shows: 'caption' 'value' 'units'
unitsunits=hPanothingunits, shown below barometershows: 'caption' 'value' 'units'
clcl=0x7700000x000066color of 'pen line' of the barometer 
cfcf=0x7700000x70707acolor of 'fill' (mercury) of the barometer 
c-c-=0x7700000x70707acolor of minimum triangle of the barometer 
c+c+=0x7700000x70707acolor of maximum triangle of the barometer 
cscs=0x7700000x000000color of scale (milli bar marks) 
ctct=0x7700000x000000color of trendline of the barometer 



usage example:
    <embed src=";time=15:16:00;tick=y;sd=y;st=y;months=jan,feb,mar,apr,mei,jun,jul,aug,sep,okt,nov,dec;caption=lokale_tijd;ci=0x009900" width="220" height="220" wmode="transparent">
timetime=23:59:58nothingtime in 'hours':'minutes':'seconds'24 hour mechanism, when not specified, the clientcomputer's time is used
dayday=2006-12-31nothingdate in 'year'-'month'-'day'when not specified, the client computer's date is used
monthsmonths=jan, feb, mar, apr, mei, jun, jul, aug, sep, okt, nov, decjan, feb, mar, apr, mai, jun, jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, decmonths abbreviation for use in the date field, sepparated by comma 
delta_time_msdelta_time_ms=-36000000offset for the sepecified time, can be used to create show a clock that is ahead or behind the specified time 
ticktick=ynothingshows a discontinous movement of the seconds/minutes hand 
sdsd=ynothingshows the date in text near the 'three o'clock' position 
stst=ynothingshows the time in text near the 'six o'clock' position 
captioncaption=lokale_tijdnothingshows a caption in text above the 'time in text' positiondo not use spaces, since they are replaced by many browsers in a %20 string; use underscores (_), they are replaced by spaces
cici=0x00ff00nothingcolor of inner circlewhen parameter not specified, the inner circle is not shown
coco=0x00ff000x000066color of outer circle 
cscs=0x00ff000x990000color of second hand 
cmcm=0x00ff000x000000color of minutes hand 
chch=0x00ff000x000000color of hours hand 
cscalecscale=0x7700000x000000color of scale (hour/minute marks) 
cdcd=0x00ff000x707070color of date text 
ctct=0x00ff000x707070color of time text 
cccc=0x00ff000x707070color of caption text 



usage example:
    <embed src=";min=13.7;max=24.1;trend=2.600000" width="120" height="240" wmode="transparent">

minmin=12.3nothingminimum value, shown as a value, and a small triangledefault: minimum not shown
maxmax=14.3nothingmaximum value, shown as a value, and a small triangledefault: maximum not shown
temptemp=13nothingtemperature value, shown as the fluid in the thermometer scaledefault: no thermometer fluid shown,
trendtrend=-3nothingtrend value, shown as a small spike on top of the fluid in the thermometer scaledefault: no trendspike shown
unitsunits=deg°Ca string indicating the units, depicted under the scale 
captioncaption=tempnothinga string depicted under the scaleshown: 'caption' 'units'
clcl=0x0099000x000066color of the thermometer line) 
cfcf=0x0099000xaa0000color of the thermometer fluid 
cscs=0x7700000x000000color of scale (degree marks) 
c-c-=0x0099000x0000cccolor of the minimum triangle 
c+c+=0x0099000xcc0000color of the maximum triangle 
ctct=0x0099000x000000color of the trend splike 
scale_beginscale_begin=17nothingvalue of the start of the temperature scalesee note below

notes: example: